PAINTON by CulinaryOn
We are the leading company organizing EPIC events for private and corporate clients.
Since 2012

A unique culinary party concept that we proudly call "Culinary Disneyland". Have a combined for We a culinary workshop and entertainment, Because <br> we are sure the That
"Cooking is fun!"
Since 2019

PAINTON art parties are ideal for private and corporate events. Teamwork and a general atmosphere of fun accompany every event.
A success stroy
350.000 guests
Since 2012 and adding 100.000 happy guests in 2019.
We have an impressive track record with about 5'000 events in 2018 alone
An incredible amount of companies liked trusted our service and came back for more
3 countries
4 cities...
This is just the beginning as in 2019 we are opening more both in Asia and in Europe
Founded 2015
800 m²
4 studios,
1 conference
Founded 2012
1150 m²
7 studios,
1 conference

Founded 2017
715 m²
4 studios
1 conference
Founded 2017
1300 m²
4 studios ,
2 conference
Opening Summer 2019
600 m²
3 studios,
1 conference
In 2019 we will welcome more than 100,000 guests. This equals the capacity of the Michigan stadium, the largest stadium in the world.
What is our secret?
Team building, client incentives, etc
Birthday parties, bachelorettes, etc
Themed birthday, baby showers, etc.
We provide our guests multiple reasons to visit us from corporate team building to kids parties.
Open Master classes
Clients can join 3 hours events by buing tickets online
All our expieriences are E.P.I.C.
'ELEVATION" по-английски означает возвышение
Sensory and spiritual elevation through food, art and social interaction and self actualization.
Our events reinforce the feeling of belonging making sure that each member feels proud to contribute to the whole. We also use Hands-on activities and celebration of achievements to reinforce the pride of the team.
All our events have important moments of insight where people learn new skills, and insights about each other.
Our Team building activities foster communication among participants, improving emotional connection and collaboration.
Our Guests are Happy :)
We make sure that every guest always leaves with a Smile
We reached more than 90.000 in 2018 and we are rapidly growing organically in both existing and new locations. In 2019 we plan to host more than 100'000 happy guests across 6 countries.
Guest count
World class net promoter score = 85%, show extremely high guest satisfaction by our guests achieved by:

• Team dedication
• Proven methodology and process
85% Net Promoter Score
More than 5000 corporate clients, too many to show on this screen :)
Our clients include 80% of Fortune 500 companies