We invite you to an Art Party!
invitation for painton PROMO in 2020
Let's have a special evening and enjoy the Art Party
We invite you to a special art party!
date 7th of may, starting time 19:00
Special invitation for Art Party
You are cordially invited to live an extraordinary experience at our PaintOn event, where together with our professional painter, you will have the opportunity to make your own masterpiece and enjoy our professional chefs live cooking; at the beginning of the event you'll be delighted by a Cocktail Masterclass session, you'll combine the ingredients like a professional mixologist and preparing your own cocktail - all complimentary.

The invitation is for 2 persons, please just confirm your attendance and let us know the contact details of the other guest.
At PaintOn art parties, participants create true masterpieces under the guidance of a professional artist.
As always, at CulinaryOn, we make sure that you enjoy eating and drinking, doing bright thinkgs and laugh out loud.

Cocktail masterclass
Become a bartender for a night.

Learn the art of mixing & shaking. Create an exotic cocktails and let CulinaryOn mixologist be the judge of your creation.

Get ready to SHAKE & MIX

At our Party you will find:
Creating a piece of Art
Create your own masterpiece under the guidance of a professioanl artist
Dishes on the table
Real culinary masterpieces - live cooking from our chefs
Paint having a great time
Paint your own masterpiece while enjoying good music and a great atmosphere
Event flow:
Welcome guests, 19.00
We paint a picture and enjoy drinks, 19.45
Take a break, 20.30
Welcome buffet and drinks
With fun music and glass in your hand
We eat the dish cooked by our chef, we communicate and we dance
. . . . .
. . . . .
We continue to paint the picture, 21.00
We complete the picture with fun music
Final, 22.10
Photos of our happy guests, music, dancing and informal communication
. . . . .
Party starts at 19.00
Duration 3.5h
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
Cocktail Masterclass, 19.15
Welcome buffet and drinks
Our advantages
7 years of experience
Founded in 2012
350.000 guests
90.000 guests in 2018
18.000 events
4.300 events in 2018
Romania, Russia, Singapore and Poland
Guests rating 9/10 for 5 years
Where will the event be held?
Soseaua Pipera 48, Bucharest 020112

    Please confirm your attendance at our sales representative